Ringing in the Chinese New Year this February in Mexico City can provide a memorable experience, according to GlobeQuest Travel Club.

GlobeQuest Travel Club wants visitors to know that Mexico City can be an interesting place to celebrate Chinese New Yearthis February.  Tourists learn about traditions and history of one culture while staying in a completely different country.  This vacation club is known for providing guests with premiere accommodations for short-term stays.

Events are held each year to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Chinatown area of Mexico City, Barrio Chino.  Catch firework displays, parades and martial art exhibitions.  Roast pork and steamed buns are traditional foods that are typically available.  A particular highlight can be lion dances, ceremonial dances performed on special occasions by dancers wearing ornate costumes to imitate the large cats.  Lion dances alone can be worth the journey.

Chinese peoples have immigrated to Mexico since the late 1800s.  First arriving as migrant workers, Chinese have continued to establish communities throughout the country including Mexico City.  These immigrants began establishing businesses such as bakeries, restaurants, laundry shops and more.  Tourists can delve into the history of these two cultures and how they merged together.

Barrio Chino is about two city blocks long.  Establishments may offer Chinese food and Chinese decorations.  A block over from Dolores Street is the attraction known as the Chinese Arch.  Made of ceramic, granite and marble, this monument was erected as a tribute to the Chinese who immigrated to Mexico as well as their descendants.  GlobeQuest Travel Club notes that the Chinese Arch is quite a sight.

The year of the monkey officially begins on February 8, 2016.  GlobeQuest Travel Club shares that there are 12 signs in the Chinese zodiac.  The year of the monkey is supposed to pave the way for enhanced technological developments and improved solutions that can make everyday life easier.  Wearing red and accessorizing with jade jewelry are two traditions believed to improve one’s luck during the year when worn on the first day ofChinese New Year.

Avoid the usual vacation by trying something new like coming to Mexico City to celebrate Chinese New Year.  GlobeQuest Travel Club invites anyone seeking an extraordinary trip to come here this February.

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